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WordPress Hosting

Get WordPress hosting that fits your ambitions.

Powerful, yet simple to us

WordPress Hosting

Throughout WordPress Hosting, we take care of pre-configurations, speed issues, and security issues that many website owners do not take into consideration. We bring out the best in WordPress with the latest hosting technology. We help to simplify, secure and speed up a web product by hosting the powered WordPress website efficiently.

Instant WordPress setup

Launching WordPress leaves you with no worries at all; with just one click, you can launch it fast. It is very important to remember that WordPress hosting includes automatic installation for the world’s favorite content management system.

Tuned for performance

Waiting for your files to load became a subject from the past. With WordPress, your website runs like a dream on our platform. Our UK data centers and SSD storage ensure superfast loading for critical WordPress files.

WordPress security & updates

Keeping your WordPress application up-to-date with the latest version is an important step in maintaining a secure site. If you find the update process difficult or simply forget to keep track of the new releases, our automatic WordPress software and plugin updates are for you. You can also schedule how fast your site is updated after a new version is released or even skip a version if you need more time to prepare for the update.

No limits on bandwith

Unlimited bandwidth means no worries about exceeding data caps – and no risk of incurring extra costs. WordPress Hosting also benefits from high-speed 1GB/s connectivity, so your website always performs at its snappiest.

SMOOTH WordPress Transfer

If you have an existing WordPress site, it’s simple to migrate it to the Echo valley platform. WordPress Importer is a plugin that helps manage the migration process, and it can be easily pre-installed when you launch WordPress from our control panel.

WordPress Hosting Themes

Our pre-built themes are easy to customize with a drag-and-drop editor. Just choose your industry and we'll give you a ready-made site, complete with images. Or, make it completely your own with thousands of third-party WordPress themes and plugins to choose from