17 Facts about Electronic Cigarettes – Be ready to be surprised!

Why is everyone talking about E-Cigarettes?

For couple of years people around the world have been passionately talking about E-cigarettes. What is that making them Go gaga over this product? If your question is also the same then here is your answer.

Electric Cigarettes or Smokeless Cigarettes, commonly known as Electronic cigarettes is a revolutionary nicotine intake product that is a substitute to regular tobacco based cigarettes. It completely negates the harmful effects of regular cigarettes with equivalent or better smoking experience for a fraction of regular cigarette costs.

Instead of tar and smoke, e-Cigs produce vapor when exhaled. It is a battery based product with nicotine-flavor based liquid (also known as e-liquid). In order to just experience smoking, one can use electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine e-Cig liquid as well making it a nicotine free electronic cigarette experience. When inhaled the battery converts the e-liquid into vapor that will be inhaled unlike smoke and tar from a regular tobacco based cigarette.

So why smoke when you have a healthy and cheaper option to VAPE….!!!

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Advantages of Vaping that the World has seen

Benefits of vaping are plenty, and here are some that one simply cannot deny.

  1. Health Benefits - Saying NO to the ill effects of smoking tobacco based cigarettes. Say NO to Smoke, Tar and Foul Smell
  2. Cleaner and Hygienic – As there is no smoke, there is no burning-unpleasant smell around you that is left behind. No stains on your lips, fingers and teeth
  3. Cheaper – They would cost you way way less when compared to traditional cigarettes
  4. Tow it where ever you Go In majority of the places smoking regular cigarettes are banned from using, where as this is not the case with vapour based, smokeless electronic cigarettes
  5.  Never Compromise on Great Experience – Electronic cigarettes provide greater and smoother vapour experience, without compromising your nicotine intake.
  6. Variety of flavours and nicotine strengthsNever ever get bored with the same tobacco flavour with unspecified nicotine levels with electronic cigarettes. E-liquids come with plethora of flavours and nicotine levels to soothe your appetite.
  7. No Guilt – Never every feel guilty of smoking when non-smokers are around. With e-Cigs there are no secondary smoking ill effects.

About Echovalley!

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  • Nicotine Levels
  • Battery and Charging
  • Value for Money and
  • Affordability/Pricing

Our reviews majorly cover from the best electronic cigarette brands 2014 to the cheapest electronic cigarettes provided by our contacts that have been using these electronic cigarettes on a daily basis. When it comes to reviews for the line of products – we review the e-cig starter kits, the e-Cig refills/eCig e-liquids, the disposable e-Cigarettes and eCig batteries. Check out our electronic cigarette brand page for more information and reviews on various eCig brands available in the market today. Also be aware that majority of the companies now ship electronic cigarettes internationally (outside US) especially to UK, Australia, European countries, Canada etc. So, if you find your pick, don’t hesitate to order.